The last Bingo game at the ACEC was held on October 12, 2022. We thank all the players and volunteers throughout the years.



The Armenian Cultural and Educational Center was officially opened in June 1980. That same year, Steering Committee Chairman Aram Kaloosdian and Vice Chairman Jack DerAvedisian asked Dick Sanasarian, Charlie Aslanian and Ralph Tutunjian to start a bingo game. Everyone agreed that bingo would be an important source of income for the Center. At the time, there were approximately 850 licensed bingo games operating in Massachusetts supporting churches, schools and non-profits.

In October 1980, a license to operate a Wednesday game was issued by the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission, Dick Sanasarian was designated ‘Member in Charge’ as required by Lottery Rules, volunteers were recruited and trained, equipment and supplies were purchased and the first game was held on Wednesday October 21, 1980. Profit from that first game was $366.24

Over the past 34 years, ACEC bingo has generated $2,761,000 for the Center. The proceeds have been used to pay debt service and utility bills. The game complies with all the rules and regulations of the State Lottery Commission. The Lottery Commission conducts regular audits of our game. Weekly results must be reported to the Lottery on a BC2 form within 10 days. In addition, an Annual Report which summarizes all BC2’s must be submitted within 3 weeks of year-end with a copy to the Watertown Board of Selectmen. From our first audit in 1980, ACEC bingo has received nothing but praise from Lottery Auditors, which is a testament to the competence and dedication of our volunteers.

Following Dick Sanasarian as Member in Charge were, Aghop Kessissian, Nairi Makarian, Seta Garabedian, and Ann Navoian.

We continued to operate a successful game until the pandemic hit, after which we ran a final game in October 2022.

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