ACEC’s story can be traced back to 1972 when a ACEC Steering Committee was formed to investigate the feasibility of building a community center in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Members of this committee were:

  • Robert Kaloustian, Chairman
  • Jack Der Avedisian, Vice Chairman
  • Peter Felegian
  • Father Torkom Hagopian
  • Kenneth Kazanjian
  • Anahit Kechichian
  • Myron Khederian
  • Enoch Lachinian
  • Dr. John Manuelian
  • Tatoul Sonentz-Papazian
  • Virginia Tashjian
  • Martin Kanayan
  • Alice Barsoomian
  • Norma Megerdichian

The committee considered several prospective sites and finally settled on purchasing a parcel of land on Nichols Avenue. The building was opened on June 29, 1980 and has been accommodating and serving the community since. It is a source of pride for all Armenians in the Greater Boston area and has hosted many members of our community in many different capacities.

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