St. Stephen’s has organized a church bazaar every year since its consecration in 1957. First held in the church hall, the bazaar now takes place every year in the Hovnanian Hall of the Armenian Cultural and Educational Center on the first Friday and Saturday in November, providing two days of enjoyment, satisfaction and pleasure to those who attend. A wide array of home made Armenian baked goods such as sweet bread (Choreg), cheese turnovers (Boreg); pastries such as Paklava and Khadayif are sold, as are traditional Armenian specialty foods such as stuffed grape leaves (Yalanchee), fruit leather (bastegh) Armenian pickles (Tourshi) and Armenian ravioli (manti) to name but a few. Traditional Armenian meals cab also be enjoyed throughout the course of the two-day event: Shish Kebab (Lamb and Beef) as well as chicken kabobs are served with rice pilaf and salad; Kufte (Armenian meatballs) and Kheyma (Armenian steak tartare) are also on the menu.

Other activities at the bazaar include fun and games for children of all ages, silent and live auctions, raffle drawings and the ability to buy unique decorative items from our fantastic arts and crafts section and fruits and vegetables from our grocery section. St. Stephen’s Annual Bazaar is an event geared for the the enjoyment of the whole family. Come and join us this November.

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