Sayat Nova Dance Company

The Sayat Nova Dance Company of Boston (SNDC) was formed in January 1986, as an independent, non-profit dance ensemble, under the direction of Apo Ashjian. With his leadership and the efforts of a handful of dedicated individuals, the Company has been able to surround itself by a group of young, talented individuals from all walks of life. As part of a rich culture, Armenian folk dancing is a reflection of the life and legacy of the Armenian people. Each dance symbolizes the livelihood, the aspirations, the legends, celebration of life and appreciation of beauty.
The Company aims to preserve and promote Armenian culture through the art of dance. With this in mind, the group performs extensively in the United States and Canada. In 1995, the SNDC took its much-anticipated first trip to its homeland, Armenia. The group presented eight performances throughout the country, including the capital city of Yerevan, receiving rave reviews and much applause.

Dutch School

The First Dutch School in Boston(Eerste Nederlandse School in Boston, ENSiB) opened its doors in September 2009. A team of enthusiastic and highly qualified Dutch teachers welcomed more than 40 Dutch speaking children to their classrooms, in the Armenian Cultural and Educational Center (ACEC) in Watertown.

The mission of ENSiB is to maintain and stimulate The Dutch Language and Culture (NTC) of Dutch speaking children in the greater Boston area, and to facilitate an eventual return into the Dutch/Belgian Educational system.

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